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Lead Generation

  • Date 24, June 2023
  • Job Type Full time (Remote)

Lead Generation Specialist Job Description


We are seeking a dynamic and motivated Lead Generation Specialist to join our team at Alfacreators. As a Lead
Generation Specialist, you will play a crucial role in identifying and qualifying potential customers, expanding
our customer base, and driving sales growth. If you're an enthusiastic communicator with a passion for building
relationships and a knack for generating leads, this is the perfect opportunity for you to excel and contribute to
our success.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Sales Prospecting: Take the initiative in conducting proactive outbound calls and emails to
    identify and qualify potential customers. Leverage a variety of prospecting techniques, including cold calling
    and social selling, to create a robust pipeline of leads and drive business expansion.
  • Nurturing Campaigns: Develop and maintain relationships with prospects who may not have
    immediate needs. Stay engaged through regular email communications and social networking. Share relevant and
    insightful information with potential prospects to keep them engaged and informed about our offerings.
  • Learning and Product Knowledge: Showcase an in-depth understanding of our company's products
    and services, highlighting their features, advantages, and benefits. Effectively convey product information to
    potential customers, showcasing how our solutions can address their needs. Attain certifications in key
    accreditations to enhance your knowledge of major hyperscalers such as Microsoft and AWS.
  • Managing Relationships: Foster strong relationships with Sellers to bolster sales generation
    and pipeline growth through strategic campaigns and focused collaborations. Work closely with Sellers to align
    efforts and achieve mutual success.
  • Collaboration: Collaborate seamlessly with the sales team, marketing department, and other
    cross-functional teams. Ensure alignment of strategies, promotional efforts, and product messaging to
    maximize the impact of lead generation initiatives.

Applicant Requirements / Qualifications:

  • Outbound Dialing B2B: Proven experience and proficiency in outbound business-to-business
    (B2B) communication, demonstrating strong communication and persuasion skills.
  • Meeting KPIs & Targets: Track record of consistently meeting and exceeding Key Performance
    Indicators (KPIs) and sales targets.
  • Objection Handling: Adept at addressing objections and concerns raised by prospects, turning
    them into opportunities for engagement.
  • Effective Call Management: Skilled in managing call backs and follow-ups to maintain a steady
    flow of communication with leads.
  • Relationship Development: Demonstrated ability to initiate, nurture, and develop strong
    relationships with potential customers.
  • Motivated by Success: Driven by the possibility of achieving targets, with the potential
    incentive of an early finish on Fridays upon target achievement.

Closing Statement:

If you are a proactive, results-oriented individual with a passion for lead generation and building meaningful
relationships, we invite you to join our dynamic team at Alfacreators. Take the next step in your career journey
by applying now and contributing to our continued growth and success.