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Fix and Flip Calculator

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Fix and Flip Calculator

Estimate Your Fix and Flip Profit

1. Acquisition Cost

2. Cost of Disposal

3. Estimate

4. Rehab Estimates


Estimated Profit:

Fix and Flip Expenses

Fix and Flip Profit Calculator Manual

This Fix and Flip Profit Calculator is designed to help you estimate the potential profit for your fix and flip project. Follow these steps to use the calculator effectively:

  1. Acquisition Cost:
    • Enter the “Purchase Price” of the property.
    • Input the “Closing Costs” (Including Taxes) associated with the property acquisition.
  2. Cost of Disposal:
    • Under “Sale Closing Costs (Including Taxes),” provide the estimated costs for selling the property.
    • Specify the “Agent Commissions (%)” you expect to pay.
  3. Estimates:
    • In the “After Repair Value (ARV)” field, enter the anticipated property value after renovations.
    • Define your “Desired Profit” from the fix and flip project.
  4. Rehab Estimates:
    • Under “Repair Costs,” input the estimated expenses for property renovations.
    • Provide the “Monthly Holding Cost” and the “Holding Time (Months)” expected for the project.
  5. Calculate Profit:
    • Click the “Calculate Profit” button to process the inputs and calculate the estimated profit.
  6. Results:
    • The “Estimated Profit” will be displayed, showing the potential profit from the fix and flip project.
  7. Pie Chart:
    • A pie chart labeled “Fix and Flip Expenses” is provided to visualize the distribution of expenses.
    • The chart includes segments for “Purchase Closing Cost,” “Sale Closing Cost,” “Repair Cost,” “Sales Commission,” and “Holding Cost.”
  8. Interpreting Results:
    • Review the estimated profit to assess the financial viability of your fix and flip project.
    • Use the pie chart to understand the distribution of expenses and identify areas that may require closer attention.
  9. Note:
    • This calculator provides estimates based on the input values and assumptions. Actual results may vary.
    • It is recommended to consult with real estate professionals and financial advisors for a comprehensive analysis of your fix and flip project.
  10. Disclaimer:
    • The calculator is a tool for estimation purposes only and does not guarantee financial outcomes. Use it as a guide and supplement your analysis with thorough due diligence.

By following these steps, you can leverage the Fix and Flip Profit Calculator to make informed decisions and better plan your fix and flip ventures.

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