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Video Production

  • TrailerProduction
  • Client EverQuest
  • Year 2021
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  • AlfaCreators, a leading marketing agency, had the opportunity to work with EVERQUEST, a cutting-edge web 3 gaming company, on the production of a trailer for their latest game. The goal of the trailer was to showcase the game's features and create excitement for its release. The team at AlfaCreators worked closely with EVERQUEST to understand the game's unique selling points and create a trailer that would appeal to their target audience
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Visual and typograpy hierarchy

The team also used cutting-edge animation and visual effects to bring the game's world to life and make it look as realistic as possible. The final trailer was a masterpiece of storytelling and visual storytelling. It was designed to introduce players to the game's world and characters, while also highlighting the game's unique features. The trailer was shared across social media platforms and the company's website and generated a huge buzz and anticipation among the target audience

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