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Case Study – Fulio Real Estate

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Fulio Real Estate is a prominent real estate agency specializing in residential and commercial property sales. Despite their strong industry presence, they faced challenges with low conversion rates and inefficient follow-up processes. Seeking to boost their sales and lead generation efforts, Fulio Real Estate engaged the services of Alfacreators, a professional analytics and marketing expert, to transform their client acquisition systems.


Before partnering with Alfacreators, Fulio Real Estate encountered difficulties in their sales process. Sarah Mitchell, the Sales Manager at Fulio, explained:

"Our team was dedicated, but we were struggling with missed opportunities and unorganized lead management. Conversion rates were far from our potential, and we knew we needed a change."

Discovery and Partnership with Alfacreators

Fulio Real Estate discovered Alfacreators through an industry event where they presented their success stories. Impressed by the results and recommendations, Fulio decided to collaborate with Alfacreators.

Identifying the Problems

Upon conducting an in-depth analysis of Fulio Real Estate's sales and lead generation processes, Alfacreators identified critical areas in need of improvement:

  1. Inefficient Follow-up: Fulio's follow-up process lacked structure, leading to delayed responses and potential clients falling through the cracks.
  2. Lead Tracking: There was no effective system in place to track and prioritize leads, resulting in missed opportunities.
  3. Customer Acquisition: Fulio was not effectively leveraging digital marketing channels for lead generation.

Big Wins with Alfacreators

With Alfacreators' expertise and solutions, Fulio Real Estate achieved substantial improvements within their business:

  1. Streamlined Follow-up Process: Alfacreators implemented a systematic follow-up system that ensured timely responses to inquiries, resulting in a more engaged and satisfied client base.
  2. CRM Integration: A CRM system was integrated to track leads efficiently, enabling the sales team to manage follow-ups effectively and prioritize high-potential clients.
  3. Facebook Ads: Targeted Facebook Ads campaigns were launched, generating a consistent stream of high-quality leads.
  4. Website Lead Capture: A dedicated landing page was created within Fulio's website builder, integrated with the CRM, to capture and manage leads seamlessly.

Before & After Results

The impact of Alfacreators' intervention was evident in tangible metrics:

  1. Conversion Rate: Fulio Real Estate's conversion rate increased by an impressive 70% after implementing Alfacreators' solutions. This boost was attributed to the improved follow-up process and the influx of high-quality leads generated through Facebook Ads.
  2. Lead Management: The CRM integration reduced lead leakage by 35%, and lead engagement increased by 45%, enhancing the efficiency of the sales team.
  3. Cost per Acquisition: Fulio witnessed a 25% reduction in the cost per lead acquisition due to targeted Facebook Ads and better lead tracking.
  4. Customer Satisfaction: Improved communication and responsiveness led to a 20% increase in overall customer satisfaction.
  5. Revenue Growth: Fulio Real Estate experienced a substantial 55% increase in revenue within the first six months of partnering with Alfacreators.
  6. Sales Team Productivity: The sales team's productivity improved by 30%, allowing them to focus on high-potential leads and closing deals more effectively.


The collaboration with Alfacreators significantly transformed Fulio Real Estate's sales and lead generation processes. Through structured client acquisition systems, CRM integration, targeted Facebook Ads, and efficient lead capture, Fulio not only improved their conversion rates but also enhanced their overall customer experience and profitability. Sarah Mitchell, the Sales Manager at Fulio Real Estate, summed up the transformation:

"Working with Alfacreators has been a game-changer for Fulio. Their expertise and solutions have not only increased our conversion rates but have also streamlined our entire business operation. We are excited about our continued growth and success."

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