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Case Study – Horizon Homes Realty

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Horizon Homes Realty, a reputable real estate agency, faced challenges with low conversion rates, inefficient follow-up processes, and scattered lead generation efforts. Seeking to enhance their sales operations, Horizon Homes Realty partnered with Alfacreators, a professional analytics and marketing expert specializing in scaling client acquisition systems. This collaboration resulted in an impressive 300% increase in conversion rates, an 800% improvement in lead generation, and a more efficient follow-up process.


Before engaging with Alfacreators, Horizon Homes Realty struggled with missed opportunities and lacked focus in their lead generation strategies. The Sales Manager at Horizon Homes Realty, Emily Turner, shared her perspective:

"Our conversion rates were not meeting our expectations, and our lead generation efforts were dispersed without a clear audience targeting strategy. We recognized the need for a more strategic approach to client acquisition."

Discovery and Partnership with Alfacreators

Horizon Homes Realty discovered Alfacreators through industry recommendations and recognized the potential impact of their services. Alfacreators' expertise in scaling client acquisition systems aligned with Horizon Homes Realty's goals, prompting them to collaborate.

Identifying the Problems

Upon thorough analysis, Alfacreators identified key areas that needed improvement:

  1. Inefficient Follow-up: The follow-up process lacked structure, leading to missed opportunities and delayed responses.
  2. Lead Generation Strategy: Horizon Homes Realty's lead generation efforts were scattered, lacking a targeted approach for audience segmentation.

Big Wins with Alfacreators

With Alfacreators' intervention, Horizon Homes Realty achieved significant improvements:

  1. Comprehensive Client Acquisition System: Alfacreators implemented a holistic client acquisition system, including CRM integration, targeted Facebook Ads, a custom website, and a chatbot for automated follow-ups.
  2. CRM Integration and Lead Tracking: The CRM integration allowed Horizon Homes Realty to track leads efficiently, enabling the sales team to manage follow-ups effectively and prioritize high-potential clients.
  3. Targeted Facebook Ads: Alfacreators launched targeted Facebook Ads campaigns, resulting in an 800% increase in lead generation efficiency due to improved audience targeting.
  4. Custom Website and Chatbot: A custom website was created, and a chatbot was implemented to automate follow-ups, providing a more responsive and engaging customer experience.

Before & After Results

The impact of Alfacreators' intervention was evident in tangible metrics:

  1. Conversion Rate: Horizon Homes Realty's conversion rate increased by an impressive 300% after implementing Alfacreators' solutions, indicating a more effective sales process.
  2. Lead Generation Efficiency: The lead generation efficiency improved by 800%, allowing Horizon Homes Realty to reach a wider audience and attract high-quality leads.
  3. Cost per Acquisition: The targeted Facebook Ads and automated follow-up systems led to a 40% reduction in the cost per lead acquisition.
  4. Client Satisfaction: Improved communication and responsiveness resulted in a 30% increase in overall customer satisfaction.
  5. Revenue Growth: Horizon Homes Realty experienced a substantial 50% increase in revenue within the first few months of partnering with Alfacreators.


The collaboration with Alfacreators significantly transformed Horizon Homes Realty's sales processes and lead generation strategies. Through a comprehensive client acquisition system, CRM integration, targeted Facebook Ads, a custom website, and a chatbot for automated follow-ups, Horizon Homes Realty not only improved their conversion rates but also enhanced their overall customer experience and profitability. Emily Turner, the Sales Manager at Horizon Homes Realty, expressed her satisfaction:

"Alfacreators has been instrumental in revolutionizing our sales processes and lead generation efforts. The results have been exceptional, and we look forward to continued growth and success with their support."



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