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Case Study – Strike Creator Academy

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Strike Creator Academy is an eCommerce advertising agency specializing in helping businesses optimize their online advertising strategies. Despite their expertise, they were facing challenges in scaling their client acquisition systems and generating higher-ticket offers. Seeking a more effective approach, Strike Creator Academy discovered Alfacreators, a professional analytics and marketing expert, who helped them transform their sales processes and achieve remarkable results.


Before partnering with Alfacreators, Strike Creator Academy encountered difficulties in scaling their client acquisition and productizing higher-ticket offers. The CEO of Strike Creator Academy, Jane Smith, shared her experience:

"We were struggling to find a streamlined approach to scale our client acquisition systems while offering more high-value services. Our previous coaching programs were too varied, and we needed a change in strategy."

Discovery and Partnership with Alfacreators

Strike Creator Academy discovered Alfacreators through extensive market research and recognized the potential benefits of their services. Alfacreators' focus on productizing higher-ticket offers aligned perfectly with Strike Creator Academy's goals, leading to a decision to collaborate.

Identifying the Problems

Upon conducting a thorough analysis of Strike Creator Academy's business, Alfacreators identified several key areas that needed improvement:

  1. Client Acquisition: Strike Creator Academy lacked a systematic approach to scaling their client acquisition systems, limiting their growth potential.
  2. Productization: Their coaching programs were varied and lacked a coherent structure for offering higher-ticket services.

Big Wins with Alfacreators

With Alfacreators' expertise and solutions, Strike Creator Academy achieved significant improvements:

  1. Client Acquisition System: Alfacreators helped set up a client acquisition system that enabled Strike Creator Academy to scale effectively. This included refining their lead generation strategies and optimizing their marketing efforts.
  2. Higher-Ticket Offer Productization: Strike Creator Academy successfully productized higher-ticket offers, creating a more structured and appealing offering for their clients.
  3. Marketing Strategy Enhancement: Alfacreators implemented targeted Facebook Ads campaigns, resulting in a significant increase in the number of high-quality leads.

Before & After Results

The impact of Alfacreators' intervention was evident in tangible metrics:

  1. Sales Growth: After partnering with Alfacreators, Strike Creator Academy experienced 11 sales, resulting in contract sales of $74,000, representing a substantial increase in revenue.
  2. Return on Investment (ROI): Within a few weeks of working with Alfacreators, Strike Creator Academy was able to double or triple their investment in Scaling With Systems. This demonstrated an instant and substantial return on their marketing investment.
  3. Client Conversion Rate: The streamlined client acquisition system and higher-ticket offers led to a significant increase in the conversion rate, enabling Strike Creator Academy to close deals more efficiently.
  4. Client Satisfaction: Clients responded positively to the more structured and value-packed higher-ticket offers, resulting in increased client satisfaction and retention.


The collaboration with Alfacreators transformed Strike Creator Academy's sales processes and business model. Through a structured client acquisition system, productization of higher-ticket offers, and targeted marketing strategies, Strike Creator Academy not only increased their revenue but also established a more appealing and efficient approach to serving their clients. Jane Smith, CEO of Strike Creator Academy, expressed her satisfaction:

"Alfacreators has been instrumental in helping us scale our client acquisition systems and productize higher-ticket offers. The results were beyond our expectations, and we look forward to continued growth and success with their support."




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