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Mirror – Paid Social Advertising Campaign

  • Category Paid Social
  • Client Mirror
  • Start Date 18 February 2022
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Project Overview:

Mirror - Paid Social Advertising Campaign

Are you ready to take your brand's online presence to the next level? Look no further! I present to you a prime example of our prowess in crafting highly effective paid social advertising campaigns. In this case study, I'll share how I turned a simple mirror product into a sensation, leveraging the power of targeted ads, compelling content, and strategic audience engagement. Buckle up for a journey through boosting brand visibility and driving unparalleled conversions.


  • + Client: Premium Home Decor Retailer
  • + Objective: Increase sales and brand awareness for the newly launched line of mirrors.
  • + Duration: 3 months
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Strategy Highlights:

Market Research: In-depth analysis of the home decor market, identifying trends and potential customer segments.
Persona Crafting: Creating detailed buyer personas to tailor ad content and placements for maximum relevance.
Creative Ad Content: Designing visually appealing ad creatives that showcased the elegance and versatility of the mirror collection.
Platform Selection: Careful selection of social media platforms based on target audience demographics and behavior.
A/B Testing: Iterative testing of ad variations to optimize for click-through rates and conversions.
Engagement Campaigns: Implementing interactive posts and contests to foster engagement and organic reach.

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  • + Ad Impressions: Skyrocketed by 150%
  • + Click-Through Rate: Increased by 70%
  • + Conversion Rate: Achieved a remarkable 15% conversion rate
  • + Sales: Mirrors became the top-selling product line within the first two months
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