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Irene Neuwirth – Influencer Marketing Campaign

  • Category Influencer Marketing
  • Client Irene Neuwirth
  • Start Date 15 April 2023
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Implementation and Results:

Irene Neuwirth, a renowned high-end jewelry brand, aimed to enhance its brand visibility, engage a wider audience, and boost sales through a strategic influencer marketing campaign. To achieve these goals, they partnered with Alfacreators, a leading digital marketing agency with expertise in influencer collaborations.

Campaign Strategy:
Alfacreators developed a comprehensive influencer marketing strategy that revolved around showcasing Irene Neuwirth's exquisite jewelry pieces in an authentic and appealing manner. The campaign was designed to target a demographic that appreciated luxury, craftsmanship, and individuality.

1. Influencer Selection:
Alfacreators meticulously selected a diverse range of influencers whose lifestyles and aesthetics aligned with Irene Neuwirth's brand values. These influencers had a substantial following that included fashion enthusiasts, jewelry lovers, and individuals interested in luxury lifestyles.

2. Content Planning:
The agency collaborated closely with the influencers to design a content plan that highlighted the unique features of Irene Neuwirth's jewelry pieces. This plan included a mix of high-quality photos, videos, and stories that would be shared across various social media platforms.

3. Storytelling Approach:
To enhance authenticity and engagement, Alfacreators encouraged influencers to share personal stories and experiences related to the jewelry. This approach aimed to create an emotional connection between the audience and the brand.

4. Exclusive Offers:
As part of the campaign, Irene Neuwirth and Alfacreators provided influencers with exclusive jewelry pieces. These pieces were not only a gift but also a means to encourage influencers to genuinely experience and appreciate the brand's craftsmanship.

5. Hashtag Campaign:
To create a cohesive online presence, a campaign-specific hashtag was created (#INxInfluence). This hashtag was incorporated into all influencer posts, allowing the audience to explore the campaign's content collectively.




  • + Increased Brand Awareness
  • + Elevated Engagement
  • + Expanded Audience Reach
  • + Improved Sales and Conversions
  • + Long-lasting Brand Partnerships
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The influencer marketing campaign orchestrated by Alfacreators proved to be a resounding success for Irene Neuwirth. By leveraging the authenticity and reach of influencers, the campaign not only achieved its initial objectives of increased brand visibility and engagement but also translated into higher sales and long-term brand partnerships. This case study showcases the power of influencer marketing when executed strategically and authentically.

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