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Solido Games – SEO/ASO

  • Category Development
  • Client Webflow
  • Start Date 23 January 2021
  • Handover 05 March 2021
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Client Background: Solido Games
Solido Games is a leading mobile game development company known for producing engaging and addictive gaming experiences. With a portfolio of diverse games catering to different genres, Solido Games has gained a significant user base over the years. The company's primary challenge was to increase organic visibility, improve rankings, and drive quality traffic to their games' websites.

Client's Objective: Enhancing Organic Visibility through Seach Engine Optimization and ASO
Solido Games approached Alfacreators, a renowned digital marketing agency, with the goal of leveraging Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to enhance their online presence. The objective was to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), increase organic traffic, and subsequently boost user engagement and game downloads.

Alfacreators' Approach: A Comprehensive SEO Strategy
Alfacreators conducted a thorough analysis of Solido Games' online presence, website structure, and keyword landscape. The agency developed a comprehensive SEO strategy that encompassed both on-page and off-page optimization techniques. The key elements of the strategy included:




  • + Keyword Research and Mapping
  • + On-Page Optimization
  • + Technical SEO
  • + Content Creation
  • + Link Building
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Results Achieved: Elevating Solido Games' Online Presence

Alfacreators' diligent SEO efforts yielded remarkable results for Solido Games:
Significant Increase in Organic Traffic: Within six months of implementing the SEO strategy, Solido Games witnessed a 40% increase in organic traffic across their game websites.
Improved Rankings: Multiple game titles climbed the SERPs, securing top positions for target keywords. This led to higher visibility and increased organic clicks.
Enhanced User Engagement: The optimized website structure and engaging content led to a 25% increase in average time spent on the website and a 20% reduction in bounce rates.
Increased Game Downloads: The combined effect of higher visibility and improved user engagement translated into a 30% increase in game downloads.
Sustained Growth: The SEO efforts continued to yield positive results over time, with Solido Games maintaining their improved rankings and organic traffic.

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