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Stitch Fix – Paid Social Facebook/Instagram Ads 20x ROAS

  • Category Paid Social
  • Client Stitch Fix
  • Start Date 13 March 2020
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📋 Campaign Breakdown:

🌟 Client: Stitch Fix

Paid Social

📢 Campaign: Paid Social Facebook Ads

🎯 Objective:
Generate buzz and engagement for Stitch Fix's curated fashion solutions among the target audience, ultimately driving website traffic and increasing sign-ups.

📊 Target Audience:
Fashion-forward individuals aged 25-40, interested in personalized shopping experiences, and with a medium to high disposable income.

🎨 Creative Concept:
Discover Your Unique Style Journey with Stitch Fix!


  • Ad Set Creation:
  • + Demographics
  • + Interests
  • + Behavior
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Ad Content:

Ad 1: "Elevate Your Wardrobe" Visual: Elegantly dressed model in a cityscape, showcasing different Stitch Fix outfits. Caption: "Upgrade your closet with handpicked styles from Stitch Fix. Your personalized fashion journey awaits! 💃🕺 #StitchFixStyle" Ad 2: "Unbox the Magic" Visual: GIF of a Stitch Fix box being opened to reveal a variety of stylish clothing items. Caption: "Every Stitch Fix delivery is like receiving a personalized gift! Unbox the magic of fashion that's made just for you. 👗✨ #UnboxStitchFix" 3. Ad Delivery: Objective: Traffic Placement: Facebook Feed and Instagram Feed to maximize visual impact and engagement.

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